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John need daily supply of electricity to keep his cold store business a float. Currently John only relies on a 10KVA diesel electricity generator as the local electricity supply only goes live 2hrs every month.

Without regular power supply John.s business will close up. The fish and meat will go bad and his customers will go away. John will not be able to feed himself and his family. What about John’s employees, they will loss their Job and also can not feed family or pay for their children school fees.

Remember the generator? Do you know how noisy it can be? Did you say noise pollution?   Hold on! have you seen the thick fume of black smoke that goes out of the generator –  air pollution, that is it. And this according to WHO is killing millions every year.

Investing in John’s solar project is helping to cut down noise pollution, helping to cut down carbon foot print. And helping to improve the society, economically and otherwise.

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